Add to any facial:

+ Booster Mask (15mins | $30)

An infusion mask, helping to penetrate vitamins into the skin while also calming and hydrating.

+ LED Light Therapy (30mins | $60)

LED Light Therapy Treatments are non-invasive and advanced skin treatment incorporating red, blue, and green light. Nava’s LED Light Therapy machine can help with collagen stimulation (anti-ageing), pigamentation and supreme acne treatment.

+ Decolletage or Arm Treatment (15 mins | $40)

Targeted at treating rough/dry and pigmented skin o the chest or arms, this treatment will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth and well nourished.

+ Peel Treatment (15mins | $40)

Skin-specific peel chosen by your therapist, added into your facial to enhance results for acne, pigmentation and ageing.

+ Extractions (15mins | $35)

Professional removal of blackheads, milia and congestion.

+ Microdermabrasion (30mins | $50)

Microdermabrasion is a deep skin-resurfacing treatment that helps to sloth away dead skin cells, leaving a revitalized and refreshed look to your skin.